about us

why choose medicom

To understand our customers' needs and how they use our products and services to create new efficiencies in their offices, and to use their input to continually evolve the solutions we provide them.
To work hard to maintain our customers' trust, to treat our customers with respect, and to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships. We will never treat our customers like just another sale.
To delivering real value by going “beyond the call of duty”.
To employ smart, energetic and creative people who are
  • Focused on helping and delivering real value to customers.
  • Driven by a core value system.
  • Have unquestioned levels of integrity and honesty.
  • Have a high level of responsibility and accountability.
  • Are passionate about technology.
To deliver cost-effective, practical solutions that offer a lower total cost of ownership.
At MD Free EMR, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our customers and employees.